German Officer Leather Uniform Tunic comes without any insignia. This is an original vk79-item! Made in Berlin, Germany!
The German Officer full leather breeches and tunic are custom made by the original historical pattern.
German Officer Leather Uniform Tunic is original made by using the original pattern including all details: Two upper pockets and two other special diagonal pockets on the frontside. Silver piping collar! The tunic is original prepared to wear with one epaulette only! Extra high quality lining inside. One pocket inside the tunic. This item is made of German Cowhides, thickness 1.2 -1.4mm!

Please, ask for extras like: full leather lining or belt loops. If you do like it more symmetrically, you can get it prepared to wear with two epaulettes.
Special wishes? Extras upon request:
for instance variations with color and size of the borders, stripes and others.
German Officer Leather Uniform Breeches