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To custom tailor your garment, I need to know your TRUE measurements in cm or inches.

Take your measurements exactly according to the diagram, and OVER the things you wish to wear under leather garment. Please do not add anything to the measurements.
Leather should be worn quite close to the body. I will allow the appropriate amount of extra room for comfort and movement.

Write your personal imaginations and ideas into the remark area.Note: Do not forget to fill out your e-mail-address. Thank you.

Unit of measurement:
1. length of back 5. leg length, inside 9. width of back 13. tigh
2. arm length, outside 6. special value 10. chest 14. knee
3. arm length, inside 7. neck circumference 11. bizeps 15. calf
4. leg length, outside 8. length of shoulder 12. waist 16. fetlock
17. head
Extras, details, additionals etc.: